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World Healing ~ World Peace


the Gift

we must first come to Think that we can make a difference . . . if we Speak this, Live this, Share this, it will inevitably become a Truth of the Collective . . .this is the Divine Gift we each are endowed with ! ~ wsp

Dear Family,

As an Ambassador for the Welfare of Humanity in the arena of Global Peace and Healing we are writing to you personally seeking your assistance. Inner Child is once again firing up the engines for another World Healing World Peace Poetry effort. Our first effort back in 2011 – 2012 met with great success due to the cry of the people. The contributions from all over the World produced a wonderful two volume offering focused towards the Good of Humanity through Peace and Healing. With this effort, World Healing, World Peace 2014, our vision is to raise the stakes.

Our goal is have a more effective outreach and effective touch on the World Consciousness, and to accomplish this end, WE NEED YOUR HELP! With this offering we are proposing to not only Publish the book, World Healing, World Peace Poetry 2014, but to strategically distribute the book ,thereby delivering in to the hands of the World’s Policy makers and make them aware of our thoughts and feeling about World Healing and Peace.  Our mission is to distribute 2 Copies of the offering into the hands of every member Country representative of the United Nations (193 – 200) and one copy into the hands of every voting member of Congress (535). We feel this is essential.

To facilitate this undertaking we have established a Dedicated Web Site :  and a “Go Fund Me” Donation Point to pay for the Production, Printing and Distribution., but this is not why i am writing you. To make this work and achieve the success we seek and more we need to get the project into the hands and consciousness’ of the People and the Poets. We need Web Site affiliations, Press Releases and Conversation to create a ”Viral Buzz’ to make people aware and to pay attention. We write to you for this end. We need people to tell people, to tell people, to tell people until it will not and can not go away !

Finally, to this objective, we would be highly honored if you would further consider writing and sharing your thoughts about the subject matter and need for World Healing and World Peace. We wish to leave an imprint of this higher consciousness in the annals of History that will not only affect us in our “Now” but for the generations to come. If you find this to be of spirit to and for you and that which you care for about life, we would be humbly grateful. Your presence does matter.

We consider you to be a vital “Circle of Influence” . . . if you are aware or know of any other Persons or Organizations who can assist us in making an impact for the good of us all, we would appreciate the referral.


Thank You


William S. Peters, Sr.

Inner Child


nothing impedes our love of each other . . . except us !

we do make a choice as to what we leave our Children !

be the change you desire to see . . .

Peace in the world begins with Peace within . . .

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